Kathmandu ।। Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide note has shocked his family. Less than a day after his death, his brother-in-law has died. According to Indian media, Sushant’s brother-in-law was shocked by Sushant’s suicide note. Due to which his brother-in-law Sudha Devi has died.According to Indian media, Sudha Devi died while cremating Sushant’s body.

She had stopped eating and drinking after her brother-in-law died. Her husband Amarendra Singh told a daily that Sudha had been ill for the past few days.

On top of that, the news of her brother-in-law’s death made her even sadder. Amarendra said that her health has started deteriorating since Monday morning.

He said, “First brother, now wife.” Sushant was cremated at Vile Parle crematorium on Monday evening.

हाम्राे यूटुव टीभी हेर्नकाे लागि यहाँ किलिक गराै ।।


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