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Kathmandu ।। A 45-year-old woman from Jhapa has died due to 'Covid-19' infection.
The woman of Kankai-3 of Jhapa, who was undergoing treatment at VP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, died on Sunday morning.He had been suffering from fever, difficulty in breathing and pneumonia for two days and was being treated on a ventilator. The deceased was also a diabetic, said Dr Nidesh Sapkota, spokesperson of the foundation.Earlier this morning, a 75-year-old woman from Gorkha and a 70-year-old man from Chitwan also died from corona.
हाम्राे यूटुव टीभी हेर्नकाे लागि यहाँ किलिक गराै ।।


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